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                                  ABOUT US

                                  ABOUT US

                                  JOHA taizhou JuHuan lifting protective equipment Co., LTD. As a enterprise which specializes in researching and manufacturing high quality lifting production and protective equipment .Advocating the "people first, technology innovation, customer satisfaction" enterprise spirit and constantly to develop the cutting-edge product.. JOHA has two factories and two categories of products that hydraulic machines, lifting protecting equipment. With the help of qualified technicians , precise manufacture equipment , rigorous testing method and in-time service after sale , our company ‘s product with the brand “JOHA JuHuan “ has take up the most of Chinese market ,getting high remark and reputation . Our company and ...

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                                  Contact: Manager Sun

                                  Phone: +86-18994667955

                                  Tel: +86-0523-80836114


                                  Add: No. 16, Taibai Road, Phoenix Street,Taizhou City, Jiangsu, China

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